Nyssa Lyon, Hourglassproductions

I've created this site to show a bit of my world.


Not being a facebooker, and having little interest in prostituting myself out to multiple social medias, I've decided to make a website so that the google images under my name and business title can be more easily linked to my etsy website, at hourglassproductions.etsy.com. Some of these pictures will be things currently for sale, some past creations, and then I decided to throw on a photo section as well for the hell of it. If you like any of the images that don't show people, feel free to write me on etsy and I can make a listing for a print of one. That is not the primary function of the photo section however, it's more just to share some of my experiences with those I love. If you see something I've made that is not listed on my etsy site, feel free to write me on there and request a custom made lovely just for you. 


"art is given to us to keep us from dying of truth"


please know that this site is still under construction, and due to the fact that I have the skills of a cromagnon on the computer, it may be that way for a while.